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 [EXCLUSIVE] Song KangHo-Jo JungSuk-Lee SungMin-Yoon JeMoon ‘마약왕 (Drug King)’ CONFIRMED.. Who is the lead actress?

New project from director Woo MinHo (‘Inside Men’) which is ‘마약왕 (Drug King)’, has confirmed its amazing line-up.
According to movie industry on Mar 6, the casts for ‘마약왕 (Drug King)’ are Song KangHo followed by Jo JungSuk, Lee SungMin, and Yoon JeMoon.
‘마약왕 (Drug King)’ taking Busan in 1970 as the background tells story about drug smugling. Song KangHo, who confirmed the role first, will play as Lee DuSam. Jo JungSuk will play as a prosecutor who is chasing the drug dealer. Lee SungMin will play as the police. And Yoon JeMoon will play as a yakuza who helps Song KangHo.
Looking at the amazing actors line-up, people also anticipated who will play as the lead actress. The role will be like Kim HyeSoo’s role in movie ‘Tazza’. They’re still looking for the lead actress.
After finishing the casting, the movie will start filming planned in first half of the year. 

*UPDATED 170329: Jo JungSuk will play as prosecutor named Kim InGoo. Female character (lead actress) will be played by actress Bae DooNa. Filming starts in May. 


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