[TRANS] 170404 News about <THE ROOM> Fanmeeting sold out tickets #JoJungSuk #조정석 #더룸

“Such popularity” Jo JungSuk, Fanmeeting’s tickets sold out within 5 minutes

Ticketing for Jo JungSuk’s 1st fanmeeting ‘The Room’ sold out within 5 minutes. This proves his potential as trending actor.
From the first time the news about fanmeeting went out, it already got hot responses and will lead to a fierce competition to get the ticket. Even before the ticketing started, the notice on purchasing site already got many clicks and immidiately sold out. That’s how popular he is.
Especially it’s said that he prepared to show different concept each day so it’ll become a limited stage. Jo JungSuk personally planned and directed this fanmeeting, raising much expectation.
A representative said, “We’re all very surprised for the hot responses. Thank you so much for the interest and we’ll do our best to make special memories with fans. We’ll repay you (fans) with amazing performance”.


*sorry for grammatical error & mistranslations*

Source: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0000956591

Trans by: @forjojeol on twitter