[TRANS] 170223 Song KangHo and #JoJungSuk for movie ‘마약왕 (Drug King)’ #조정석 #송강호 #마약왕

[EXCLUSIVE] Song KangHo x Jo JungSuk meet again at ‘마약왕 (Drug King)’•••2nd meet after ‘The Face Reader’

Actor Song KangHo and Jo JungSuk will meet at movie ‘마약왕 (Drug King)’ (directed by Woo MinHo).
According to movie industry on Feb 23, Jo JungSuk has received proposal of ‘마약왕 (Drug King)’ to play as a prosecutor and is in discussion about the detail schedule. ‘마약왕 (Drug King)’ is a movie that tell story of a drug king (dealer) at Busan in 1970. Song KangHo has confirmed to play in this movie, making people already anticipate.
This is the 2nd time that Jo JungSuk and Song KangHo play in a movie together after 3 years in movie ‘The Face Reader’. Song KangHo who is well known with his acting skill and Jo JungSuk who showed his acting capability in movie ‘Hyung’ & drama ‘Jealousy Incarnate’. It’s interesting to see the synergy and collaboration of both.
In addition, Kim SoJin, who play as prosecutor Ahn HeeYeon in movie ‘The King’, will play as Song KangHo’s wife, making the casting line-up stronger.
‘마약왕 (Drug King)’ will be wrote and directed by Woo MinHo who also worked for movie ‘Inside Men’. The movie is in the final work of casting the leading character and planned to start filming by first half of the year.


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