[TRANS] 170223 HanDon’s ambassador ceremony: It’s an honor #JoJungSuk #조정석 #한돈

Jo JungSuk: “It’s an honor to be a model ambassador of HanDon”

Feb 23, actor Jo JungSuk attended ‘2017 HanDon Ambassador Ceremony’ and received appointment letter (certificate).
Jo JungSuk and Hello Venus’ Nara become new model ambassador of HanDon and will start to promote HanDon’s superiority to the public.
Jo JungSuk attended the ceremony with suit fashion style and gladly greeting the staffs. He received appointment letter as well as a bouquet of flower.

He said, “From the first time I received the proposal I feel proud. It’s an honor to become HanDon’s ambassador. I’ll do my best to do my responsibilities as an ambassador”.
A representative of HanDon, Lee ByeongGyu, said, “Jo JungSuk’s young and healthy looks will be a great help to inform the excellence and status of HanDon. I am glad to have Jo JungSuk, who is loved by public, as one of the ambassador”.


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Source: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=312&aid=0000241178

Trans by: @forjojeol on twitter