[TRANS] 170217 The new model ambassador of ‘Han Don’  #JoJungSuk #조정석 #한돈

Jo JungSuk • Nara become model ambassador of ‘Han Don’

Actor Jo JungSuk and Hello Venus’ Nara become new model ambassador of ‘Han Don’.
Jo JungSuk and Nara will do CF filming on Feb 22. They will introduce the excellence quality of ‘Han Don’ to the public.
Jo JungSuk’s bright personality & confidence match with the image of ‘Han Don’ which is number 1 in the amount of production in Korea.
A representative of ‘Han Don’, Lee ByeongGyu, said, “Jo JungSuk & Nara’s bright & healthy image will help to mantain ‘Han Don’ top status. That’s why we chose them as the new model ambassador. We hope ‘Han Don’ will receive more love from the public”.
The new CF/promotion with Jo JungSuk & Nara is planned to be released next March.


*sorry for grammatical error & mistranslations*

Source: http://m.biz.newdaily.co.kr/m/m_article.html?no=10126147

Trans by: @forjojeol on twitter