[TRANS] 170213 Behind the scene IOPE Men with #JoJungSuk CF filming #조정석 #아이오페맨 #탄력의정석

Jo JungSuk, released behind the scene of IOPE Men CF ••• Popularity ‘Standard of Elasticity’

Jo JungSuk, who is known by his pretty skin, released behind the scene photos of IOPE CF filming on Feb 13.
In the photos, Jo JungSuk with his clear and firm skin makes the filming surroundings shine. And also by looking at how wide Jo JungSuk’s smile and humorous expression, we can feel the fun atmosphere at the filming site.

A representative of IOPE said, “Throughout the filming, Jo JungSuk always in good mood and never forget to smile. Despite long duration of filming he still take care of staffs. His attitude is as perfect as his skin”.
More he/she said, “As soon as the CF of Jo JungSuk for ‘Triple Lift Serum’ released, many compliments arise for the CF on various portal site and SNS. Thanks to Jo JungSuk’s firm skin that is showed in the CF, a hashtag ‘#탄력의정석 (standard of elasticity)’ has appeared. And also Jo JungSuk’s voice appeal accompanied by his expression attract some attention”.

In reality, Jo JungSuk who play in musical Hedwig, since 2006 has been well known of his clean skin that is more pretty than woman’s. He also receives ‘뽀드윅 (Ppo-dwig)’ as nickname. Because of this, netizens put interest on what kind of make up that he use.

On the other hand, IOPE Men CF with Jo JungSuk can be seen at IOPE Youtube channel. The special package of ‘Triple Lift Serum’ product can be found at Amore Pacific mall until the end of February.


*sorry for grammatical error & mistranslations*

Source: http://m.tf.co.kr/read/life/1676694.htm?retRef=Y&source=https://m.search.naver.com/search.naver%3Fwhere=m_news%26sm=mtb_amr%26query=%EC%A1%B0%EC%A0%95%EC%84%9D%26sort=1%26nso=so:dd,p:all%26qdt=0

Trans by: @forjojeol on twitter