i found a video in youtube where jung suk is one of the guest and he was doing some funny things. he was with oh man seok (one of the teachers in what’s up). lee hyori and solbi was there as well. any ideas what show it is and where i can find subs?

After much brain cracking I’ve finally found out what show it was. It’s from season 1 of “Sang Sang Plus” aired by KBS. The episode that he appeared in was Episode 13 that aired on 8th July 2008. I’ve found an old soompi thread that lists a few handy places where you can catch episodes of this old variety show. I’m not sure whether those listed links still work. Cause you know, it’s been a long time. Here it is: (x)

I know it took me awhile but I hope this still helps! 😀image

gif credit: instantstar