Do you know in which movies he plays a lead role, or at least main supporting character? I’d like to give them a go, i have watched both the dramas he’s in and the one he is currently doing now, and i love his acting so much!

So far, he’s been in Architecture 101 and Steel Ranks of Salvation (Steel Dae-Oh) and he recently filmed a saguek movie, The Face Reader (or at first known by the literal translation, Physiognomy). His parts in the Architecture one, are very little but nonetheless, enjoyable. As for the SROS, I’ve not had the opportunity to watch it myself T_T. As for the latest movie, it has yet to be released. Prior to Architecture 101/what’s up, JJS mainly did musicals with his most famous one being Hedwig. You can find some of those clips in YouTube ;D

I hope my reply is helpful 😀 (although it’s super duper late X_X) my sincere apologies as school and work can really get the better of one…..